Feb 28

Combining Over 150 Decades of Hospitality Experience to Solve Business Challenges

By Jon Moore, President, Jon Moore & Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Hospitality Management Program

A seasoned group of executive-level hospitality experts who have been leading and inspiring major hotel brands and independent properties for decades today announced the formation of a new company. Jon Moore and Associates, LLC (JMA), a consortium of experts in all phases of digital marketing, was created to provide a one-stop shop for owners, properties, and management companies in need of innovative new solutions to common business challenges.

“JMA’s goal is to be a hands-on, ‘additional employee’ to assist hotels, brands, and hospitality businesses navigate the confusing world of digital marketing and branding—an essential part of today’s business,” said Jon Moore, founder and President of JMA. “As career hospitality leaders, JMA gets where owners, branded companies, and general managers are coming from. We understand both their common ground and their differences. Our job is to ask the tough questions and help them implement meaningful strategies that enhance direction and revenues.”

JMA will specifically offer marketing, sales, and revenue performance solutions that bridge the gap between independent or branded companies and the franchisee or manager. It will also take an aggressive, pro-active approach to digital marketing that puts clients at the forefront of digital and social media opportunities, including search, website design, mobile apps, creative marketing, branding and positioning, public relations, and crisis communications.

The newly formed organization also announced a partnership with Ed Fuller and Laguna Strategic Advisors (LSA) of Irvine, Calif. to provide consulting services to hotels needing guidance in not only marketing, but operations, food and beverage, technology, hotel development, and more.

“My congratulations to Jon Moore, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for close to 40 years at Marriott, on the start of his new company,” said Fuller, President of Laguna Strategic Advisors (LSA). “We are pleased to form a powerful partnership between JMA and LSA that will add greater strength and capability for our clients. We will be able to better serve business challenges, from digital marketing to operations to development and beyond. Together, the breadth of our team will be unparalleled, with over 1,500 years of industry leadership experience.”

As thought leaders in the hospitality Industry, the JMA team will be sharing content and guidance through its blog and social media channels.

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