Feb 20

9 Ways for Your Hotel to Stand Out on Social Media

By Bill Vieux, Partner and CTO, Casual Fridays

On social media, content bombards consumers. Friends, family, and businesses compete for attention in the news feed, which means your hotel’s content has to win out over engagement announcements, the photo of a friend’s new baby, and the new hotel next door’s latest boosted post. How can you break through? Here are nine ways to make an impact with your social media presence.

On-Property Activations

Social media isn’t just about your online activities. Guests need to connect their real-world experiences on-property with your social presence. On-property activations are a way to authentically tell your hotel’s unique story, which speaks to your guests and edges out the competition.

1. Identify a social media champion (or two) on your team. Encourage them to capture unique experiences, behind-the-scenes activities, or just a gorgeous day at the hotel. Posting this content in a timely manner helps connect your online audience with what is actually happening on-property.

2. Ensure you’ve added social media handles, hashtags and calls-to-action to collateral throughout the hotel. If you tell guests that you want photos/videos posted, and how to post them, you’ll see a large increase in social media activity. On-property contests are another way to encourage guests to find you on social media.

3. Ask for guests to share their experience. If someone is talking about a five-star experience they just had, make sure your team knows to tell them how much a great review on TripAdvisor would mean. Don’t hesitate to promote your TripAdvisor page to guests.


Social media is all about two-way conversations and an engaged audience is more likely to recommend you to friends and family. Customer service expectations are also high on social media. Users expect a response and they expect it quickly—42% expect a response within an hour!

4. Respond. When social media users leave comments, send private/direct messages, or even leave comments on ads, you should respond. Keep in mind that you are not only answering a single user. Many others will read your response and judge your commitment to customer service.

5. Monitor. Don’t just wait for people to come up to you with a question, complaint or praise. You should actively monitor mentions of your social media handles, hotel name, location / check-ins, and hashtags. Some of the best opportunities to surprise and delight your audience will come when they least expect you to respond.

6. Participate. By commenting on relevant Instagram posts (for example, a CVB or local partner), or participating in Twitter chats, you can elevate the visibility of your hotel and be seen as knowledgeable and accessible. These are great ways to earn the trust of your audience.

Show Over Tell

People retain messages better when there are images associated with it. Better visuals are one of the easiest ways to visually show users your hotel differentiators and stories, while also improving engagement with your social media audience.

7. Try new tools. The number of tools for creating thumb-stopping visuals has exploded. Stop posting unmodified stock photos. Users smell those from a mile away. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started: Canva, Prisma, Adobe Spark

8. Hire a designer. Sometimes a tool just isn’t enough. To pull together a creative vision, you need someone with the right skills and the right tools.

9. Share user-generated content. Even if you haven’t done much in the way of on-property activations, your guests are posting photos and videos to social media. Look at your hotel location on Instagram and there are likely to be amazing photos. Make sure to ask for permission before sharing the photos.

Don’t get lost in the news feed. Pick one of the tips above for your team to implement this week and get ready to stand out!

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