Feb 6

10 Questions to Ask to Create a Winning Hospitality Sales Strategy

By Jon Moore, President, Jon Moore & Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Hospitality Management Program

It’s a new year, and a new year can bring a lot of questions, such as:

  • Now that budgets are set, how can I grow business and meet my goals?
  • How could my current strategy be improved to better my business?

As we start 2017, it’s important to ask yourself the tough questions and develop an aggressive plan that gets you real results! Here are the top 10 questions you should be asking your sales strategy team:

1. What are your weekday and weekend Market Share rankings, and what are higher-ranked hotels doing that you aren’t? Establishing a RevPAR index goal and having a live gap-to-goal plan could help.

2. What is your TripAdvisor ranking and how can you improve it? You may want to consider partnering with a social media aggregator so you can better understand consumer feedback on you and your competition.

3. Have you completed a SWOT analysis on your property and your direct competitors? Doing so could help identify actions you can take to position your hotel against your competition.

4. Does your entire sales force (on-property and off-property) know how to describe your unique competitive advantages? Educating team members and testing them ensures everyone is walking the same path.

5. What is your mix of rooms business? Discovering which segments are the most profitable to your hotel and which are growing, diminishing, or influenceable can help you decide which one or two segments to act on now.

6. What percentage of your business comes from your brand website, compared to OTAs like Expedia and Booking.com? If you are more reliant on OTAs than your own website, alarms should be going off!

7. Which keywords are performing best on your website? You should be reviewing and refreshing your SEO keywords quarterly. If you don’t have time, a digital vendor who specializes in the hospitality business might be helpful.

8. Is your digital vendor seasoned and do they provide you with an action plan? If they aren’t giving you written goals for conversion, keyword visibility stats, refreshes, linking, photography, and proactive quarterly calls, you may want to search around.

9. Do you have SMART goals for business transient, leisure transient, group, and social? You should be reviewing action plans quarterly and holding the leaders accountable for measured results.

10. Do you have a CRM strategy? This is crucial to communicating to your past customers and placing unique and creative content and offers in front of them, as well as integrating a plan to acquire new customers.

Consider these questions as you get 2017 started, and be sure you have a marketing partner who is dedicated to helping you achieve these goals. Good luck!

About Jon Moore & Associates: We are a collection of seasoned hospitality leaders specializing in Digital Marketing, Branding, and Sales and Revenue Performance. The team at JMA has a proven track record of building demand through innovative and cutting-edge strategies. For more information, visit our site at jonmooreassociates.com

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