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Apr 10

Managing Through Strengths: A Clifton StrengthsFinder Success Story

By Theresa Heldt, Founder, StrategizeIT Consulting

During one of my recent StrengthsFinder coaching sessions, I witnessed the epitome of someone managing with strengths for his team. Read More

Mar 23

Why Knowledge Transfer Is Essential For A Millennial Workforce

By Theresa Heldt, Founder, StrategizeIT Consulting

I was recently facilitating in an organization and a startling fact came up: one of the company’s management mentioned that 60% of their current workforce would be retirement-eligible by 2020. The conversation continued, “Facing this potential level of employee loss, how do we motivate our younger workers, the millennials in particular, to stay with the organization? Could the process of knowledge transfer also strengthen engagement and loyalty among our next generation of team members?” Read More

Mar 20

Learnings from HSMAI’s Digital Conference: How to Know if You Have a Budding Superstar in Your Midst

By Jon Moore, President, Jon Moore & Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Hospitality Management Program

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to take a group of Hospitality Management students from the University of New Hampshire to the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference at the New York Marriott Marquis. These millennial students were bursting with excitement to be exposed to the many wonders of the digital space from a business and career opportunity perspective. Read More

Mar 16

How the Trump Administration Can Improve Travel for U.S. Residents and Visitors Alike

By Edwin Fuller, Founder and President, Laguna Strategic Advisors

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the U.S. presents an unprecedented opportunity to enhance the U.S. travel experience for residents and visitors alike. Here are some suggestions on how the new administration can be a valuable and effective ally in advancing some of the industry’s key priorities. Read More

Mar 13

In the hospitality industry, few things are more valuable than a rave review. With so many hotels to choose from, your potential visitors are turning to online guest reviews as a resource for selecting the hub of their next getaway. Read More

Mar 6

How to Build a Championship Mix of Business for Hotels

By Jon Moore, President, Jon Moore & Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Hospitality Management Program

What can we learn from World Champion and future Hall of Famers like Bill Belichick and Theo Epstein?

Love them or hate them, you have to respect what Bill Belichick and Theo Epstein have accomplished in their amazing careers. They have taken perennial losing franchises and turned them into winners, using a variety of skills all leaders can learn from. For the purpose of this article I’d like to comment that their obsession with prepping their teams with attention to detail, use of data, and analyzing their competition is clearly part of their secret sauce. Both franchises were prepared to launch historic comebacks due to conditioning, in-game adjustments, and a willingness to be positive in the face of defeat.

How does this translate to the hotel business? As leaders, we must demand our teams assess and reexamine our business models, just as Belichick and Epstein tweaked theirs during championship drives. Read More

Feb 28

Combining Over 150 Decades of Hospitality Experience to Solve Business Challenges

By Jon Moore, President, Jon Moore & Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire Hospitality Management Program

A seasoned group of executive-level hospitality experts who have been leading and inspiring major hotel brands and independent properties for decades today announced the formation of a new company. Jon Moore and Associates, LLC (JMA), a consortium of experts in all phases of digital marketing, was created to provide a one-stop shop for owners, properties, and management companies in need of innovative new solutions to common business challenges. Read More

Feb 20

9 Ways for Your Hotel to Stand Out on Social Media

By Bill Vieux, Partner and CTO, Casual Fridays

On social media, content bombards consumers. Friends, family, and businesses compete for attention in the news feed, which means your hotel’s content has to win out over engagement announcements, the photo of a friend’s new baby, and the new hotel next door’s latest boosted post. How can you break through? Here are nine ways to make an impact with your social media presence. Read More

Feb 13

No matter what industry you’re in, today’s consumers are looking for offerings that are more experiential, authentic, and customized. As marketers, how do we implement strategies that achieve this? Here are a few current social media trends that could help your hotel or restaurant stand out. Read More

Feb 9

Revenue Opportunities in an Era of Disruption

By Kate Burda, Principal, Kate Burda & Co.

In the past few years, the hospitality industry has seen more disruption than in the past. Third-party booking channels, OTAs, metasearch sites… they have all entered our industry and captured the attention of everyone. Yet, they shouldn’t have been a surprise. Innovative digital business solutions such as Uber and Airbnb have been proliferating for years. Read More